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The Company Profile
Direct Link, one of the most prominent innovations in the Philippine motorcar insurance sector, has now more than 20 years of historic success under its belt since its introduction in 1998. As the first direct-to-consumer car insurance, delivered by highly seasoned underwriters through modern call center facility, Direct Link brought into existence what can be considered the insurance mindset of the new and next generation – the “do it yourself” mindset. This is the exact opposite of what used to be an insurance staple, the only way in insurance, the traditional thinking “my insurance needs through my agent or broker”.

The concept of Direct Link is undeniably instrumental to major transformations in both the market and competitive landscape of the Philippine insurance industry. One: the exclusion of middleman service led to more affordable car insurance — going direct for your car insurance could save you up to 40 percent in premium. Two: “do it yourself” car insurance translates to deeper and stronger insurance consciousness and education on a personal level compared to the spiel-type usually (yet understandably) sales-oriented pass-on insurance information obtained from a middleman.
And Third: Direct Link’s grand entry into the car insurance market, supported by highly creative advertising execution in some of the most innovative advertising channels at that time, not only created buzz for itself but also introduced insurance, in its generic sense, to the larger segment of the population who are new to the concept if not indifferent to it. Up to this time, Direct Link call center would get inquiries from people who learned about the brand from a 1998 ad, specifically the inescapable billboard along the South Luzon Expressway upon which a real/actual car, horribly wrecked, is hinged as if the car forcefully broke through the billboard.

For more than a decade today, the driving force behind Direct Link’s unchallenged leadership in direct car insurance has been the passion to serve and make a difference. At Direct Link, we believe that the most brilliant ideas are the less traveled ones; these ideas can be controversial, risky to take but life-changing if delivered successfully. What we see ahead is a continuous journey towards more discoveries and innovations in car insurance that will enable a higher quality of life for the Filipino motorists, while contributing to the overall wellness of the Philippine non-life insurance industry.
Going the extra mile for you

Being “Simpleng Kausap” is our commitment and our team consistently strives to go the extra mile to help you with your insurance needs.

Our Specialty: Car Insurance

No company in the country provides car insurance better than we do.
In today’s complex world, nothing beats Simpleng Kausap.

Simpleng Kausap.
We make the complex glow with simplicity.

Direct Link is the first company that recognized the ability of consumers to think and decide on their car insurance needs. With our clients being too busy with more important stuff like family and work, Direct Link is a category leader, bringing easy and simple insurance solutions backed with our slogan “Simpleng Kausap” which simply translates to Inquire-Deal-Issue process and a faster claims processing Crash-Notify-Repair will make your claims experience better.


We have repackaged car insurance to something easy to understand, even unassisted by a middleman, as a result, we’ve created savings while building insurance consciousness among Filipino motorists.

Technology Sets Us Apart

The driving force behind our success is our understanding of technology and our passion to innovate. Since serving our first clients in 1998, through a state-of-the-art call center facility, we have seen steady growths in both sales and client base, in fact, beyond our expectations. We see ourselves constantly breaking new grounds to level up the insurance of Filipinos, while keeping our promise of bringing excellence and simplicity always in one piece.


Another timely first that we hope to be able to bring soon is an end-to-end e-commerce facility that allows an all-online and paperless insurance process. From generating a quote, to paying your premium, to the issuance of your insurance policy, you can get them done literally without lifting a finger.

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Awards that we have won over the past 20 years include:

  • The Philippine Marketing Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Car Insurance

  • Asian Star Brand and the Asia Brand Excellence Awards for the Best Online Car Insurance Provider

  • National Product Quality for Best Online Car Insurance Provider

  • National Shopper’s Choice Annual Award for No. 1 Car Insurance

  • Global Awards for Marketing Excellence (Symbol of Agora Excellence) for Most Outstanding Car Insurance Provider

Direct Link is a subsidiary of Lockton Philippines Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers, Inc., the world's largest independent insurance brokerage. Now backed up by one of the biggest insurance companies in the Philippines, Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corp.