Pioneer HOM.E is your EASY way of getting home insurance.

Unlike traditional home insurance, HOM.E keeps its availment and claims process hassle-free, so more Filipinos can secure themselves and their homes in case of any disaster.

Easy enrollment
Affordable options
Simplified claim process

Through the good and bad days, HOM.E will be by your side and help you bounce back with the following benefits:
Property Insurance For The Building And Household Contents
If a covered peril strikes, we will pay for loss or damages to your house and belongings.
Cost of Living Allowance
If your house burns down, we will reimburse the rental expenses should you need to move to a temporary residence.
Comprehensive Personal Liability
If you are legally liable for a bodily injury or property damage to a third party, even if it happened inside or outside your home, we will cover both actual damage caused and legal expenses to defend you.
Family PA
In case of permanent & total disability, dismemberment, or even death due to accident, you will receive cash benefit.
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