What is
Link Me?
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Link Me is a rewards-for-referrals program exclusively for existing subscribers of Direct Link Comprehensive Auto Insurance.

The Link Me Referral program is an established incentive system created to acquire quality leads through clients who refer Direct Link to their friends and family. For the past 20 years, Link Me had been an effective source of new business for Direct Link.

Under Link Me, the policyholder is granted a gift-away voucher for every successful New Business referral made. Rewards vary per premium of the account.

Premium Giftaway/Voucher Amount
Php 8,000.00 – Php 10,999.99
Php 350.00
Php 11,000.00 – Php 21,999.99
Php 500.00
Php 22,000.00 - up
Php 1,000.00