Filing a Claim
is Simple

We are passionate about claims and delivering service to claimants. We conduct post-claim surveys of affected policyholders and are delighted with the results that are fed back to us.

In 2021, 98% of claimants judged our service as either 4★ or 5★, and 2% gave us 1★

In 2022 so far, 100% have judged our service 4★ or 5★.  

We doubt that our competition get the same marks, simply because we work harder to deliver the service you require. Our faster claims processing “crash-notify-repair” will make your claims experience better and easier.

Getting your repairs done through CASA
For vehicles that are not older than 2 years, getting a repair through your preferred CASA is easy. Just click through the following steps.
Step 1: Report Form

Immediately notify us by Reporting your accident so we can record your claim

Step 2: Prepare

See our checklist on what requirements you should prepare

Step 3: Submit

Submit your docs here so we can process and issue LOA as soon as we can