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Try our ever-reliable insurance products and see how much you can save. Get full protection and more privileges when you switch to Direct Link.

Comprehensive Motorcar Insurance

Experience something beyond your usual car insurance. Our comprehensive motorcar insurance policy puts your mind at ease with all your needed protection along with useful conveniences and perks tailored for your motoring needs.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Protect your most priceless asset with our Homeowner’s Fire
Insurance Policy. Your home is one of your most hard-earned investments and it needs
protection too. From road to abode be insured with Direct Link.

Compulsory Third Party Liability

There is no such thing as cheaper CTPL. Beware of fakes and fly-by-nights. Try Direct Link’s CTPL Insurance: guaranteed safe and reliable. Check our premium packages and get protection from a reputable insurance provider.

Claims Services

Whether it be on your preferred CASA or through any of our accredited repair shops, we will get your vehicle done in no time! Report your accident, check requirements needed and submit them here (claims@directlink.ph) and we’ll take care of the rest. Also, with our easy “Crash-Notify-Claim” process, provide customers a better claims experience.

Cover Details

What are the coverages of a CTPL policy?

1. CTPL covers the liability of the insured in respect of the bodily injury and/or death of any third party.

2. Subject to limits as stated in the policy, the insurer will pay all sums necessary to assure the victim and/or his dependents of immediate financial assistance.

(Third-party shall refer to any person that is not a member of the insured’s household, not his employee, and not a member of his family within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity).

Why Choose Direct Link for your CTPL?

There is no such thing as cheaper CTPL so it’s best purchased through a reputable provider. Get worry-free protection with Direct Link – your policy will be underwritten by Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corp.
and is guaranteed by the LTO.

Direct Link’s CTPL packages are tailored to fit your budget, guaranteed without any additional charge.
Because you deserve the protection that is affordable, safe, and unreliable.

If you have any questions, please call 8828-2000 to talk to a Direct Link Account Executive.

Homeowners Insurance

Give your home its much-needed protection against loss or damage resulting from Fire and Lightning
with Direct Link’s Homeowners Insurance.

Stay worry-free and get real protection for your property with options to cover the following Perils:

 Falling Aircraft, Vehicle Impact, Smoke Damage, and Explosion
 Typhoon
 Earthquake
 Flood
 Riot and Strike
 Burglary


We’re delighted that you have chosen to stay with us!
We value you and your time. And because we like to keep things simple, there is very little you have to do to get your policy renewed. Two months before your renewal due date we will be sending you a renewal notice via e-mail and snail mail. From then on you can expect a call from one of our account executives for further discussions – just to check in if you’re happy with everything before renewing. Just wait and we’ll do the rest because with Direct Link we make sure you and your vehicle are continually covered.

We would always appreciate a little chat with you though so our line, 8828-2000, is always free if you want to give us a call. Or you can shoot us an email here (Insert Hyperlink) if you have other questions, concerns, or additional requests.